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Arts Producer - Dancer - Instructor - Digital Creator

Where passion begins and gains creative momentum 

I help people learn from their passions. It is not trivial. By following your heart, you will flourish and grow. Not only can you acquire the skills of your  and what you love doing, you also acquire life skills from your journey. 

I've personalised my learning path following my interests. It also evolves dynamically into different stages. 

I've been fortunate to receive much from great generous maestro-artists. I continue to learn from them. If you'd like to learn along with me, check out what you can join! 


Let's go to Spain! 

Your heart has been drawn to flamenco and you're wanting to explore further. Why not travel to Spain and be inspired from the very source of our art? Away from daily distractions, where you can focus, learn and enjoy.

Find out how you can join our next trip to Seville! (28 March - 2 April 2023)

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Begin your Dance

Dance is for everyone -  a way to be in touch with our feelings, a way to express ourselves, a way to explore life creatively. 

Find out about beginners classes and start your journey!

(In person and online available)

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Workshop Tours by Spanish Maestros

Here's where Spain goes to your city. If you'd like to have maestros-from-Spain teaching workshops in your city, contact me. Collaborations on our tour circuits are welcomed too. Artists:

  • Manuel Betanzos (Flamenco Dance)
  • Manuel Soto (Cante)
  • Javier Ibáñez (Guitar)
  • Paloma Gómez (Flamenco + Spanish Dance)
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Experience the spontaneous nature of live flamenco! 

Have you been learning flamenco as a fixed choreography? Are you ready to go further and explore how you can feel more free?

For this, you need to understand flamenco communication and get to know some tools and codes.

MAESTROS Flamenco will show you how! Start by trying out our free mini-course.

(Video course. Learn at your pace)

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Classical Spanish Dance and Castanets

Build a foundation in your Classical Spanish Dance with this progressive curriculum.

Develop your elegance, body awareness and line, as well as refine your movements.

Learn with or without castanets.

Start with Spanish Dance Foundation 1. Try the free mini-course.

(Video course. Learn at your pace)

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Live Online Classes

Explore a variety of classes. You can:

  • Build your Spanish Dance repertoire.
  • Learn castanets.
  • Learn flamenco dance and song.
  • Explore beginner's flamenco

Online classes enable your access to learning at your convenience, from anywhere you are. 

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I'm also a traveller.

It's such a great way to learn through experiences.

You're in the field, living that moment., interacting with communities around the world.

Conversations start, ideas spark, collaborations happen, hearts are warmed.

In this new website, besides sharing what you can learn through an art (Spanish Dance and Flamenco), I'll also share what we can learn on-the-road, where travels lead us to unexpected places and inspiring people. 

We gain perspectives about Life and a sense of well-being.