Culture, Creativity, Community

with Tania 

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Lifestyle entrepreneur, Instructor, Digital Creator

Your Passion, Your Personal Growth

I help people seek and learn from their passions. It is not trivial. Acquire skills from what you pursue, be fulfilled and flourish!  

My programmes, workshops and experiences centre on these core values:

  1. Creativity to stimulate mind and spirit
  2. Culture: to experience this wonderful world
  3. Community: building life-giving relationships around you
  4. Well-being: self-care and good energy

So explore and personalise your path!

Your Life. Your Time. For a meaningful Lifetime.


Your heart has been drawn to flamenco and you're wanting to explore further. Why not travel to Spain and be inspired from the very source of our art? Away from daily distractions, where you can focus, learn and enjoy.

Find out how you can join our next trip to:

  • Madrid (20-22 Sep 2023)
  • Seville (23 - 30 Sept 2023)
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Explore life through dance for everybody. A way to connect with how you feel and express. Get to know your strengths, get tips to learn 'how to learn' - in the studio and in life. Get involved in projects, set goals, foster your community!



Get a boost from world-class maestros from Spain. This is an arts-focus, flamenco programme. If you'd like to organise maestros-from-Spain workshops in your city, contact Tania to be included in the global tour circuit.

Get the best of the best

Digital video-courses (Flamenco)

Have you been learning flamenco as a fixed choreography?

Ready to hone your instincts, experiment and feel spontaneous?

This self-paced course will help you understand flamenco communication, the tools and the codes.

Learn any time, anywhere!

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Digital video-courses (Spanish Dance)

Build a foundation in Spanish Dance with this progressive curriculum.

Develop as a dancer.

Gain experience, skills & confidence.

Explore an entrepreneurial path as an instructor.

Learn any time, anywhere!

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Live Coaching Classes

Explore a variety of classes. You can:

  • Pick up an art (Spanish Dance, Flamenco)
  • Build a performing repertoire and set your goals for yourself and your community.
  • Be supported and coached

Online live coaching at your convenience, from anywhere you are. 

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My other passion is independent travel.

Besides sharing what we can learn through creative pursuits, I'll also share learning experiences by being out there. 

You're living that moment, interacting with communities around the world, gaining life perspectives.

Conversations start, ideas spark, collaborations happen, hearts are warmed.