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Hola, i'm tania

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I enable people to find personal growth through a passion pursuit.

I love - and want to share - unique people experiences that uplift and inspire our lives.

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Learn Spanish Dance & Flamenco in Spain + enjoy one of the world's most irresistible and vibrant cultures.

6 days in Sevilla (25 - 30 Sep 2023)

Your heart has been drawn to flamenco and you're wanting to explore further. Why not travel to Sevilla and be inspired from the very source of our art? Train with the charismatic maestro, Manuel Betanzos. Immerse in Andalusia's vibrant culture and traditions.

spanish dance IMMERSION

2 days in Madrid (22 - 23 Sep 2023)

Travel and learn Spanish Dance in Madrid: technique, style and expression with maestra Paloma Gómez.

Experience the beauty and elegance of Spain's great classics. Live up the lifestyle of Spain's grand capital.


 Global Workshops

Personal growth through dance. Confidence.  Skills & Mastery. 

Join our programmes around the globe.
MANUEL BETANZOS international 

Get a boost from world-class maestro from Spain, Manuel Betanzos. Check out his global master workshops schedule.  

These complement your training in your city as well as prepare you for the time when you do go to Spain.

If you'd like to organise maestros-from-Spain workshops in your city, contact Tania to be included in the global tour circuit.

PALOMA GÓmez international 

Get a boost from world-class maestra, Paloma Gómez. Check out her global master workshop schedule. 

Deepen your exposure to Spanish Dance. Gain versatility in Classical Spanish Dance, Flamenco, Escuela Bolera and folk. 

And if you are a dance academy, you can explore a progressive Spanish Dance student curriculum or teacher training.

tania goh singapore + southeast asia
From my Singapore, Southeast Asia base, I conduct classes & workshops.

You can also participate in Spanish socials and enjoy performances. 

I collaborate with my Southeast Asian counterparts. 

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video-on-demand courses   

Learn at your pace, anywhere, anytime 


Would you like to learn how LIVE Flamenco dance, song and guitar interact? How about experiencing the spontaneity of flamenco? The MAESTROS Flamenco courses I've produced with a stellar team of highly experienced artists will be invaluable to you, whether you dance, sing or play the guitar! 


Build your dance foundation progressively. Get to know the Spanish Dance character, style & technique. Plus, build performance repertoires. Whether you are a student, performer, teacher or academy, the MAESTROS Danza courses Paloma Gómez and I have created will guide and train you.

   guided learning  

Live online classes + Remote coaching 


You have an aspiration, a goal you are willing to work towards. But you aren't quite sure how to get there yet, or how to train effectively. Or, you are a busy bee, and need a personalised programme.

As a personal coach, Tania trains, guides and mentors students directly towards their goals. Understand how to learn and the best ways of doing so. Actionable steps are identified by Tania, so that you can simply focus exactly on what you need to do.

Work at your pace, weekly. Training tasks and feedback are given via personalised recorded videos.

One-to-one coaching is for a limited number of students. Contact Tania for a personal chat.


If you are seeking to broaden your learning of the different Spanish Dance styles, and train towards performance repertoire, then check out Paloma Gomez´s live online classes.

New term: 23 August 2023
Style: Escuela Bolera with castanets
Reperotoire: El Vito