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Spanish Dance foundation & performance repertoire


Level: Higher Beginners - Intermediate.

With MAESTROS Danza courses, widen your exposure to the different dance styles of Spain such as: Classical Spanish Dance, balletic Bolero school. Learn how to play castanets too.

Featured artist: Paloma Gómez International Spanish Dance Academy (Madrid)

Spanish Dance with Castanets -

Foundation 1 - Comprehensive, progressive material to give you the basics of posture, arms, typical Spanish steps and dance phrases to practise to.

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Spanish Dance (with no castanets)

This follows Foundation 1, but does not feature castanets. Suitable for students of other dance genres, wanting to get to know the Spanish character in dance.

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Flamenco courses


Level: Higher Beginners - Advanced.

With the MAESTROS FLAMENCO teaching approach, learn the tools and resources to break through beyond fixed choreography to spontaneity and improvisation.

Featured artists: Manuel Betanzos (Dance / Seville), Manuel Soto (Song / Jerez), Javier Ibáñez (Guitar/ Jerez)

Tangos de Triana

A festive, por fiesta dance. Be inspired by the irresistible spontaneity of fiestas in this famous flamenco neighbourhood in Seville.

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Alegrías de Cádiz

A choreography with a complete structure. We explore each part of the dance, demonstrating possibilities you'll encounter in improvised flamenco.

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Bulerías por Soleá

Get to understand live flamenco and practise the resources you'll need for dance, song and guitar in spontaneous settings such as in a flamenco tablao.

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