Flamenco Culture Trip 

with Tania 

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28 March - 2 April 2023

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Your heart has been drawn to flamenco and you're wanting to explore further. Why not travel to Spain and be inspired from the very source of our art? Away from daily distractions, where you can focus, learn and enjoy.





  • 6 days of intensive flamenco dance workshops with live song & guitar
  • At the source of flamenco, you'll be coached by Spain's highly experienced maestros.
  • Experience Spanish culture, lifestyle & enjoy Spanish cuisine.
  • Personalised experiences for small groups. 


In your country, you many not have the chance to start, or deepen your dance learning to live cante and guitar. Our programme aims to help you experience and understand this. You will be taught by maestro Manuel Betanzos at his Estudio de Manuel Betanzos (Sevilla),and accompanied Inma Rivero and Javier Ibáñez,  singer and guitarist who are highly skilled in accompaniment.


You'll spend some time learning flamenco cante (song) with an amazingly expressive artist, Inma Rivero. Don't worry, you don't need to be a singer! But if you want to develop confidence dancing to live flamenco, you'll need to equip yourself with some background and listening skills.


On the final day, present your dance to a friendly supportive audience. It's a challenge, but you'll feel greatly accomplished!

Enjoy Spanish culture & lifestyle!


Here's where we'll go exploring too! Food, conversations over meals is a Spanish daily affair. Go flamenco shopping with Tania's tips and stock up. Watch tablao shows, catch special events like the Seville Bienal (if your trip coincides). Have your 'me-time' to wander and explore.






  • Episode 1: Sneak peek into this year's programme (6 days in Sevilla + 1 day in Madrid). Plus your own studio showcase with invited guests.
  • Episode 2: What makes this workshop different? It's focus on Baile, Cante, Guitarra / Announcing the line-up of maestros
  • Episode 3: Special bonus: Hosted visit to the Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía
  • Episode 4: Madrid 1-day programme focused on Spanish Dance: Technique, Style & Expression. Plus special bonus: Madrid cultural walks hosted by Paloma Gómez. (Coming soon) 
  • Episode 5: Flamenco shopping & tips for buying your flamenco shoes. (coming soon)
  • Episode 6: Special culture highlight: Semana Santa, Sevilla's famous Holy Week traditions. (Coming soon)



Your heart is a beacon for your path. So follow your passion for a fulfilling life!


I help people to learn and live their flamenco passion from wherever in the world they are.

The Flamenco Culture Trip is an experience I'd like to enable you to have at some point of your journey, whether you are a newcomer or practitioner.

There is so much you can learn from a passion - personal growth, relationships, skills. It can be life changing and transformative.

Best of all, it is such an uplifting way to explore how wonderful our world is.  We feel, and express our humanity.

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Next Flamenco Culture Trip 

28 March - 2 April 2023

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