Beach Summer in Spain, Chill out and Enjoy Spanish food

lifestyle spain travel spain Aug 16, 2022

How do the Spanish spend summer in the South of Spain? Here are some experiences you can try out!


1. Chill out by the beach

There's a good reason to do so too as the temperature can soar in August beyond 40 degrees!

Don't forget your sun block!


2. Chill out in a chiringuito (beach bar), chat, catch up with friends


3. Enjoy yummy Spanish food


a. Seafood Paella needs no introduction.

But hey, did you know how to pronounce it correctly?

It's Pa-EH-Ya (not Pa-eh-La)  ðŸ˜‰


b. Grilled Sardines


This was what I was looking forward to, and it really lived up to it.

Just sardines alone may sound simple, but oh when it's FRESH, you can taste the natural flavour and tenderness.

Add a dash of lemon and it'll perk you up with a zing! 


 c) Fresh Tomatoes

The tomatoes are so sweet and flavourful in Spain. I don't usually like tomatoes, but I'll eat them in Spain!

All you need is to drizzle them with olive oil, and a touch of aromatic herbs. And you have a very healthy dish for your body .

Tomatoes for the vitamins and olive oil is anti-inflammatory. Plus it may help lift the mood too! Hmm.. is that why the Spanish have a good dose of Alegría? (Joie de vivre!)  


Beaches in Spain

There are lots of them, afterall, Spain is blessed with lots of coasts.

On this occasion, since we were visiting Almonte-El Rocio where the famous pilgrimage takes place, we decided to also go to the nearby beach.

It's called Matalascañas and we drove from Seville to Huelva, which is a different region, but within Andalusia (Southern Spain).   

Getting there

It's not too far to drive by car from Sevilla. It would take more or less about 1.5 hour.

We took a longer time to get there as we stopped along the way and visited Almonte and El Rocio, which you might as well do.  




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