A chat about the Flamenco Culture Trip programme

flamenco culture trip Jul 18, 2022

Hola! In this video, I take you through what's in the Spain Flamenco Culture Trip, an intensive seven day flamenco workshop in Seville, personalised for small private groups.

And if you prefer to read instead, here's a transcript of the video:

The Flamenco Culture Trip is a flamenco workshop in Sevilla. And more than that, it is a time for us to get to know Spanish culture at the source of our art.

I'm always excited to organise this programme because I believe in how invaluable this experience can be for any student at some point of their learning journey.

And for me, it has been personally very enriching over the decade that I have been going to Spain and each time I feel I've received so much that then enables me to go on further.

One week, one achievable dream

So this is a one week programme, and one week because I know a lot of you are time-strapped. So just one week might be a more achievable dream, or it might be a more achievable trying out of what learning in Spain could be like.

Intensive 7-days + a Spain Showcase

You will be able to get into the intensive mode of training every single day and that then focuses our minds to be able to absorb and build on what we learn. Day one, Day two all the way to Day seven. And we will have a little showcase so it's a little bit of a motivation.

Have your own team of singer and guitarist

I also think you can make use of what Spain has to offer and that is the wealth of the artists there, so we will have our own team of singer and guitarist who will be accompanying us.

And that then also gives us the ambiance to be able to absorb, I think, holistically and sometimes a little bit faster because you have the cante there, you have the guitarist and you're hearing the melodies, how a certain 'palo' sounds like and that really then compacts your learning, compacts it and consolidates it.

What will you learn? Focus on learning to dance to spontaneous flamenco song & guitar

So what will we be learning in this one week? I know that we're used to learning choreography but in this programme I like you to be able to get to dance to live cante as well as the guitar because I think this is something that we can't always learn back in our own countries or cities where we do not have the luxury of a singer or guitarist on a daily basis.

So that is one experience that we can capitalise on while we are in Spain and why not?

And so once we acquire a base of choreography then it's time to be able to experiment with it: how to dance to cante in its variations of how the singer is going to sing it to us.


Many times of experimenting in a way like a Flamenco Lab, making the mistakes and not being afraid to make the mistakes.


Knowing Flamenco song is more important than you may think

And because dancing flamenco is so related to cante - something that I realised much later in my learning journey, this programme therefore also puts into place a series of cante lessons.

You do not need to be a singer, of course, to learn the cante, but every flamenco dancer should get to know cante.

So that is the programme - seven days.

Your showcase in Spain

And as I mentioned earlier, we will have a little showcase. It's really informal in the studio itself at the Academia de Manuel Betanzos where the workshop is based and you'll have your friendly audience. We'll look for our friendly audience and we'll share what we have learned in that one week. So i think that makes it quite complete.

Let's enjoy Spanish culture & lifestyle!

And this being a Flamenco Culture Trip, we definitely have to do the fun things which is to get to know Spanish culture at the very source of our art.

I think that is also so important because it gives you context to what you're dancing.

When you're able to to get to know that wider context, it's empowering because it enables you to feel closer to the source of your art, interpret it in your own way and express it. Express it in its authenticity.

So I think getting to know the culture is is super important for our art, for our performance, for our learning and it's also one of the more enjoyable things to do.

Flamenco shows in Seville

We'll be catching shows in the tablaos. Tablaos are intimate live flamenco performance spaces where you will see the spontaneity of flamenco and you'll probably really respect the artist so much more for their skills after you yourself go through the the programme where you're experimenting and then you get to see the tablaos and you realise how skilled these artists are and how amazing their instincts are!

The Sevilla Bienal

If our trip coincides with the Sevilla Bienal every once in two years, then wow, we get to see a lot more shows in different sort of settings, not just in the theatres but in outdoor spaces, in amazing historic courtyards.

Explore Spanish Restaurants

I'm looking forward to taking you to the local restaurants and these are recommendations from my own local friends.

Spanish Home Cooking Experience

I'm also going to try to see if Manuel can organise some culinary experience for us at his home because over these past two years I've had comments from my friends on social media. They've always been loving the food that he cooks up and it is really fun. So I hope we can organise something where we will be his assistants and we'll be cooking alongside with him and having conversations over our food.


I think it's really wonderful too, when we can have conversations so that we can understand the outlook, the philosophy of our own maestros. That is really one education that you can receive that is not within the dance studio itself.

So I hope that gives you an insight into the Flamenco Culture Trip, please contact me if you would be keen to participate.

Log on to flamencoculturetrip.com to get more information or contact me directly.

The next trip will be announced in the website.

So stay tuned and I hope to have the chance of meeting you personally and sharing this marvellous experience with you and our maestros!



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