Hola! I'm Tania


Little did I know as a Spanish language student in Australia that it would lead me to Spain and flamenco. Spontaneous decisions turn out to be life-changing when I took a break from my media & arts management job in Singapore to go to Spain.

I stepped into the Academia de Manuel Betanzos, Sevilla. In that instant, it was flamenco irresistibly drawing me with its heart-stirring dance, song, and guitar melodies, the charismatic figure of Manuel training students, compelling everyone to be their best. There was a great depth of feeling in teaching this art and transmitting to us students.

My peers inspired me too, intensely learning, knowing each day was precious to them as they strived to make possible their dreams.

All this time was inspirational to me, as I saw the different possible ways of living and working, apart from the single narrative I grew up with in my own society.

Over the next decade(s!), I returned as much as I could, almost every year. Today, Spain is one of my bases between Europe and Asia. I continue to study the art as well as work with my Spanish artists and live our experiences together. They have generously transmitted so much to me, and I’d love to share these with you.

I personalise my learning journey and experiences. I think these are the true wealth in our Life, along with our relationships and wellbeing. 

If you are keen on vibrant living while acquiring life-style skills, you can explore these paths for different growth stages: 


Flamenco Culture Trips to Spain

  • Recommended for those who have some flamenco experience.
  • Your heart has been drawn to flamenco and you're wanting to explore further. Why not travel to Spain and be inspired from the very source of our art? Away from daily distractions, where you can focus, learn and enjoy
  • A one-week immersion where you’ll receive training from world-class maestros and artists, with cultural activities while enjoying lifestyle and Spanish cuisine.

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Spanish Dance Workshops

  • Recommended for: Beginners
  • When I’m based in Singapore/Asia, I run seasonal classes. You can check out my school schedule, Spanish Dance Singapore. I also conduct workshops in Southeast Asia and collaborate with my Project Flamenco Southeast Asia colleagues.

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  • Recommended for: Higher Beginner - Intermediate
  • Video-on-demand courses that teach you the art of Classical Spanish Dance and castanets. A course I produced with maestra Paloma Gómez in Madrid.
  • You can join live online classes too!

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MAESTROS Flamenco 

  • Recommended for: Higher Beginner - Advanced. 
  • Digital on-demand courses which I produce with my flamenco artists. Excellent resources for students who want to deepen their experience into the realm of spontaneity, improvisation and flamenco communication tablao-style.
  • Live online classes are available too. 

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And finally, if you would like to chat and explore personally with me, then be most welcome to contact me at [email protected]