Hola! I'm Tania


Little did I know as a Spanish language student in Australia that it would lead me to Spain and flamenco. Spontaneous decisions turn out to be life-changing when I took a sabbatical from my communications job in Singapore to go to Spain in 2003.

I stepped into the Academia de Manuel Betanzos, Sevilla. In that instant, it was flamenco irresistibly drawing me with its heart-stirring dance, song, and guitar melodies, the charismatic figure of Manuel training students, compelling everyone to be their best. There was a great depth of feeling in teaching this art and transmitting to us students.

My peers inspired me too, intensely learning, knowing each day was precious to them as they strived to make possible their dreams.

It's in this focussed, uplifting and challenging(!) ambience that I beckon you to experience your flamenco. Plus fill your hearts with the Spanish alegría, joy of living. It cultivates a positive life outlook.

You can only experience it by being here personally. We'd love to be part of your journey.

Flamenco opens worlds to us, and we are a mosaic in the picture of its history and evolution. When we receive, we receive more than just a series of dance steps and choreography!

We receive heritage, living tradition, humanity's expression through flamenco. When we stay connected to this, it's humbling and at the same time, it gives us strength 'knowing where we are coming from'.

Staying in contact with the teachings of our maestros from wherever we are

This is a big reason why I've produced the MAESTROS Flamenco and MAESTROS Danza video course. Do check them out too!

My maestro-friends Manuel Betanzos, Manuel Soto, Javier Ibáñez, Paloma Gómez, have generously shared their Spain with me, through their local and artistic perspectives. I'd love to share these with you too. In this new website, I'll be adding on stories, photos and videos.